You Need To Check These 10 New Year Party Destinations Right Now!


Hello! If you are still confused from where to kick start your New Year eve, then buckle up because I am about to reveal 10 amazing yet economic destinations to put your party on fire. Might be for a shorter span, but these fiery places will give you perfect sense to escape from your regular life and have a blasting beginning of year while exploring a new place of India.

1. Goa

We can’t start book of partying destinations without mention of the Mecca of New Years
celebrations, Goa. Everything is perfect here, amazing music festivals/concerts, beaches, sea foods, discos, guest houses, resorts, cheap beer, night long parties and every other event you can imagine of. If you cannot think of any place and feel like lost then directly head for Goa, you will never regret.

2. Udaipur

If you wish to spend your New Year’s Eve in royal style then my first suggestion would be city of lakes, Udaipur. Nature and human both have carved this city into a royal beauty. Pleasing serenity of lakes, palaces, forts, museums, temples, handicraft markets, royal hotels, lake palaces, and hills of Udaipur will make your time with your family and friends heavenly.

3. Gokarna

Gokarna can give complex to Goa for sure, known as Nation of Rave parties Gokarna is a perfect place to start your year with electrifying parties and tranquilizing unspoiled beaches. This place is a unique amalgam of hindu culture and beach parties. You must visit this clean and less commercialized beautiful place for an amazing New Years vacation. And in case you are a dolphin lover, this is your place!

4. Kasol

Imagine a free spirited late night trance party at the heavenly top of hills with some milky snow completely colored in the hippy culture, amazing right! Yes, if you want you want experience something like this then run to the Kasol without even having a second thought.

5. New Delhi

New Delhi is the centre of everything in India. Delhi offers everything, and its special performing arts, various live music concerts, party events, clubs, historical places, fusion food culture, and amazing culture makes it perfect for New Years celebration. At Delhi you can have it all!

6. Manali

Manali is everyone’s favourite, you can’t go wrong with New Year’s Celebration here. Manali with its majestic natural beauty and tourist friendly accommodations is right place to start your year from. You will cherish your experience of Manali because of its incredible pine trees, fruit orchards, outdoor adventure sport activities, and glimpse of snowfall.

7. Bhimtal

If you are nature lover then Bhimtal is more than perfect for you. The fascinating view of the lake, famous museums, and shore make a New Year celebration perfect for people who want to have a nice experience walking around nature. You can enjoy the soul cleansing views of the soaring hills of Malital on dawn of your first day of New Year.

8. Mcleodganj

If you want to start your year with a change and with something more deeper and gentle then head to Mcleodganj, the city of monasteries and humble abode to Dalai Lama. Friends-family trip or even a solo trip this pious place deserves every moment of your life. Welcome to the city of spirituality!

9. Tarkali

For the celebrations of New Year 2018, you should visit a place blessed with beautiful and clear white sand beaches, silence soothing backwaters, and greenery. Tarkali has lots of attractive places like traditional markets, forts, temples. Moreover features like beautiful twinkling dolphins and adventurous sports have added to the popularity of this place now.

10. Lakshadweep

The prince of coral reefs needs no description, ‘ naam hi kafi h’. Lakshadeep is one place evey Indian wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. So, why don’t you start your year with deep sea diving, wandering around coral reefs, kayaking, and yacht sailing? Perfect, right?


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