These 6 Common Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys, Stop Right Now


We do a lot of things in our regular activities only out of ignorance that effectively harms our inner organs slowly and steadily. Talking about kidneys; our kidneys are one of the most sophisticated and vital organs of our body. And we know, sophisticated things need extra care. So, you must take care of them with extra precautions.

To know how to protect your kidneys, you need to know what could harm them. Read this article to know about six common habits that damage your kidneys!

1. Holding Urine

We all do this once in a while, but you need to know that its reciprocation is not good. Holding urine for a long time increases the pressure of urine in the kidneys which directly harms our kidneys.

2. Eating too much salt

Foods high in salt are high in sodium and excess sodium increases our blood pressure to an unwanted level, which in turn harms our kidneys.

3. Eating too much meat

Eating too much of meat is very harmful to our kidneys because animal protein produces a high amount of acid in the blood that causes acidosis. Acidosis is a condition in which kidneys fail to eliminate acid fast enough.

4. Carbonated Beverages

Although it’s not new to know that soft drinks are harmful to our body and especially our kidneys, people still consume carbonated drinks in a very high amount. To keep your kidneys safe and healthy you must cut soft drinks out from your lifestyle.

5. Not drinking enough water

Water is our lifeline and drinking sufficient water is our requirement. Keeping our body well hydrated helps our kidneys filter sodium and other toxins properly. Try to drink sufficient amount of water daily.

6. Sedentary Lifestyle

Eating too much of fast-food, carbonated beverages, insufficient sleep, not exercising and many such sedentary activities lead us toward kidney failure. So, make your lifestyle healthy and stay healthy!

Happy Kidney, Happy life!



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