Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy primarily governs your use of the site and is committed to protect any information or data of customer/readers/viewer shared with us via website, email, mobile application, or through social media or customer care or in person that you have provided to the site. Our privacy policy ensures protection of the information of the customers or viewers. The customer uses our services by registering with us and also agrees to share information with us.

We may hold the following information

  • Information about the products and services for which you are interested and have ordered before.
  • Information that you have shared while visiting our website, mobile app, adverts etc. when you sign up, you share details like contact number, email address, location, age gender etc. that information gets stored. Even URLs and other information get saved with us.
  • Information related to your IP address, crash reports, web browser or location of your device gets stored.
  • The information that is stored in cookies is also held by us automatically.

How we use your information?

If you visit our website, then as per our privacy policy you must agree that we may collect, hold, and use the information in following cases-

  • To verify the identity, i.e. you might visit our website multiple times, so every time you visit our website, our server identifies and verifies you.
  • To identify the location from where the maximum number of visitors are visiting the website.
  • We collect data for marketing analysis and for promotional purposes.
  • We use the information for updating our orders and services.
  • Thus, we can communicate about the services and to send the newsletters.
  • We use it for direct marketing via email, SMS, events or offers.

We use information under the Data protection act and other laws. We don’t share the information with the third party, only in the exceptions like the law.

Policy for cookies

We use cookies to collect information. When you visit our website, the small file is downloaded on your computer in the form of cookies. So, whenever you visit the website, cookies share the information with the website and identify you. It is how all the website or social media works, they have cookies which share your information as per the cookies policy, without violating any privacy policy.

Cookies are helpful to store the user information in following cases like

  • Marketing
  • Survey
  • Browsing history
  • Frequency Capping
  • Link the content with social media
  • Advertising
  • Ad verification
  • DNT (Do Not Track)

How can you control your information?

Your information is shared only with your permission. You can restrict marketing SMSs by contacting us via email or customer support. You can unsubscribe any services you don’t want to have. We do not sell or rent any information to other companies.

When can we share your information with the third party?

In case of law orders or for some legal issues, we are bound to provide the information for investigation or for some suspended or safety purpose. When it is needed by our trusted employees or third party we share the information according to the norms of the policy. While situations like mergers and acquisition, the company shares the information by notifying the user via email. We share few details with our advertisement company for promotion.

How we connect our users with other websites?

On our website, you might see promotional or informational content or images of other companies, when you click on them it is linked with the other company website. On clicking, you will lead to their website and from there the privacy policy will no more be related to our company. Your information will be governed by the other website privacy policy. We hereby declare that we are not accountable for any privacy disclosure if you are on another website page through our website.

How we protect our user information?

We care for our users and their data/information security, we apply latest safeguard technology and methods to protect the confidential information of the customer shared with us. However, we don’t guarantee in case of sudden internet threats. Yet we have methods to prevent unauthorized access to our website. We take all preventive measure to protect against the security threat.

What type of information you can change or update

You can edit the general information like contact number, email id, billing address etc. You can edit the information in the registered account of blazing feed. We have the right to send the notification regarding service, newsletter or admin message.

Changes or update in policy

We update privacy policy from time to time due to the changes in the technology or changes in rules and regulation or change in the law. It is the responsibility of the user too to check the privacy policy time to time. We reserve the right to modify the policy, and regularly update privacy at least twice a year.

If you are facing problem then connect with us

If you are having some issues with our privacy policy or any other query about copyright and other things, you can simply email us at We always welcome your feedback for our services. We will take care of all the complaints and concern regarding our privacy policy on a serious basis. We value our customer and give priority to their concern.