You Must See These 10 Pictures To Understand The Life On Indian Railways!


If you ever wonder what India is like…. exactly, then take a glimpse of any Indian railway station and you will understand that life of India is like life on railway stations. Indian railway stations welcome people irrespective of their caste, religion, wealth, status, beauty, position…..or anything else. These platforms are rational abstract of Indian life of any type.
So, if you want to get mesmerized by the beauty and reality of Indian life then take a look.

1. Knowledge has no barrier…….

2. Our train witnesses everything …. Innocence, labor, comfort, misery, kindness, cruelty.

3. Bookstalls are integral part of Indian railways, even on smallest stations book shops make place royally.

4. We need to understand that this helplessness is not fair. Someone is suffering because of someone’s carelessness.

5. Because this is life…… you have to run, you have to make your way through unconcerned crowd.

6. We know life is not so common; even then, few people risk it for no reason.

7. The show has to go on anyway……… because life lives through struggle and uncertainty!

8. Railways suffer everything……… unfortunately everything……. Just like our life.

9. Because tea has power to put human soul in euphoria and this blissful beverage becomes an escape from the noise and chaos of train

10. Sometimes we need solitude to understand ourselves…….


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