Why You Must Put A Tape On Your Laptop Webcam All The Time!


I remember that specific Facebook post of Mark Zukerberg, posted by him to promote Instagram reaching half a billion active users. While doing this promotion he accidently revealed an important aspect of his life, i.e. web security. In this photograph you can easily see his laptop webcam covered with a tape, in the background. And it’s not only Zukerberg, but Edward Snowden and former FBI director James Comey also put tape on their webcams.

We are living in a world surrounded by cameras and microphones, and that’s why these have become a security liability now. Every now and then I hear criminal incidences of security penetrations. Now you must be thinking, only millennials have to face such security threats; “I am a common person no one is coming after me”. Then, let me tell you a real story.

Californian ‘sextortionist’ Luis Mijangos turned a woman’s laptop into a bugging device, and started blackmailing her with offline conversations and videos obtained from her webcam and microphone. Her condition became so miserable that she didn’t leave her dorm room for weeks after Mijangos broke her security. So basically, you need to understand that there are many pervert hackers ready to break in and make someone’s life miserable only for a little money.

Putting a tape on your webcam can’t prevent attacks, but definitely, it can give a piece of mind that you are taking care of your security.
Go ahead and put a tape on your webcam, because I know, you won’t like someone watching you sleeping in your briefs all night.


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