Mukesh Ambani Is Teaming Up With Amir Khan To Make Rs. 1000 Crore Movie On Mahabharata!


What do you think of a magnificent movie being made on our grand epic ‘Mahabharata’?

So yes guys, it’s happening, and that too on a very grand level! This mighty project is being crafted by the best minds in the art as well as business – as per reports, Bollywood actor Amir Khan and richest man of India Mukesh Ambani will be co-producing this 1,000 crore magnum opus. It has been reported that Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan will team up with the makers of the movie ‘Mahabharata’ soon after completing his shoots for Thugs of Hindostan. Amir is so into this movie that he dropped out of the Rakesh Sharma biopic which is reportedly now starring Shah Rukh Khan.

If we listen to the buzz, this movie is going to be one of the most expensive and grand films to be ever made in the Hindi film industry. And we can’t expect less after all Reliance Industries Chief Mukesh Ambani is going to co-produce it. It is even said that renowned international writers will work on the script to give this movie a global appeal. The movie is expected to have three to five parts, managed by different filmmakers. Makers are likely to make Mahabharata on the track of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In an earlier interview when Amir was asked about the role he would be playing, he said,

“My favorite character is Karna, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play him due to my physique. I may just have to play Krishna. I also liked the character of Arjun. He was the only person who asked Krishna why he had to kill his own people,”

Whoever you play Amir, we will love to have you in this movie. We are very excited for this movie and curious to know who is gonna play who.

If you have any choice, let us know in the comments.



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