From Modi To Obama, Know Which Mobile Phone Is Used By Top World Leaders


From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to US president Trump, many politicians are popular for their unique way of living. We people, love to know any detail of their life. For critical security reasons, politicians are not allowed to use normal smartphones. So, you must be curious about what kind of smartphone your favorite leader uses. So, let’s take a look at the phones of world leaders.

#1 Donald Trump – iPhone

Current US President Donald Trump has finally traded on his old and unsecured Android phone for a new iPhone.

#2 Narendra Modi – iPhone

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received his Smartphone from the former first lady of U.S., Mitchell Obama. The Prime Minister uses the Apple’s latest handset – iPhone 6 which was gifted on his visit to U.S.

#3 Hillary Clinton – Blackberry 

Hillary Clinton is very particular when it comes to gadgets. She is always seen with a Blackberry Smartphone.

#4 Vladimir Putin – Glonass 945

The current Russian President uses the Russian made MTS 945 Glonass an Android Phone, just sticking to his own nation’s product.

#5 British Royal Family – iPhone

Members of the British royal family have been captured using latest Apple iPhones on numerous occasions including Prince William and Prince Harry.

#6 Justin Trudeau – Blackberry

Justin Trudeau has been quite active on Social Media and his gadget of choice happens to be the latest Blackberry Priv, which is as cool a Smartphone as the man himself.

#7 Kim Jong Un – Arirang

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un prefers the HTC Butterfly over his country’s manufactured Android-based Arirang smartphone. The young leader voiced his excitement about the phone, which is produced entirely within North Korea, saying it was “instill national pride”, but he was photographed with an HTC Butterfly handset resting on his desk during a national security meeting.

#8 Angela Merkel – Blackberry

The German Chancellor used Nokia 6210 Slide before she got BlackBerry Z10 that was given by U.S. President Barack Obama.

#9 Barack Obama – Blackberry

Because Barack Obama wasn’t allowed to use any other smartphone due to the security measures, during his presidential time, he uses the most secured Smartphone in world – BlackBerry, with extra features that are exclusively meant for the U.S. President

#10 Francois Hollande – iPhone 5

Francois Hollande is the 24th and current President of France, as well as Co-prince of Andorra. Francois uses two phones one is an iPhone 5 and another is from the Taiwanese makers HTC One M8.


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