Are You Thinking Of IVF? Know Everything About Test Tube Baby, From Cost To Clinic


Are You Thinking Of IVF? Know Everything About Test Tube Baby, From Cost To Clinic

Conceiving is a complicated process, and for that fertilization needs to work in proper coordination. Infertility has become a major problem in this fast moving life of the modern time. Changing the environment, food adulteration, sedated lifestyle, genetic issues, birth defects, and many other reasons are responsible for increasing rate of infertility in male and females these days.

Fortunately, with proper treatment and advice from expert doctors, most of the fertility problems can be solved. But, even after normal treatment and proper medical care you are unable to conceive, then most probably you will need advanced medical technology for fertilization. There are many methods, but in vitro fertilization (IVF) also called test tube baby in simple language is among best and most practiced method worldwide.

IVF is a method of fertilizing an egg or more than one in a laboratory glass dish externally. IVF is generally performed in three major steps-

(1) Egg and sperm retrieval: In this step, sperms from male partner and eggs from female partner are collected.

(2) Fertilization: Second step is fertilization of the egg, and this fertilized egg is also called zygote. Sperm sample is secured either from male partner or a donor, and the most active sperm(s) is mixed with the egg outside of body in vitro (“in glass”) which is a special chamber.

(3) Embryo transfer and Implantation: The last step of the IVF process is embryo transfer.  Fertilized embryos are examined before implantation to select the healthiest ones. Embryo(s) are transferred through a speculum. Speculum is placed into vagina and the embryo is transferred with the help of a small plastic tube placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity.

Now, comes the treatment cost.

IVF treatment cost in India is not very low, but it can be done at a very affordable amount in Delhi region. There are number of IVF clinics and IVF centers that provide quality treatment at low to affordable cost.

Before approaching any clinic or IVF center, you must check at least top 10 clinics of India. And if you are thinking of going through the process in Delhi region then search thoroughly for at least top 10 IVF clinics in Delhi.

To make your confusion less complex, here are top 10 test tube baby clinics or say IVF clinics in Delhi. From here, you can easily inquire about quality as well as cost of IVF treatment in Delhi.

1. Indira IVF

2. Delhi IVF

3. Akansha IVF

4. Archna Dhawan Bajaj

5. Shobha Gupta

6. Rashmi Sharma

7. Shanta IVF

8. Eelixirfertility

9. Medicoverfertility

10. Aarogyahospital


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