All 90s Kids In India Believed These 10 Myths Blindly!


Wasn’t those were amazing days when we had a lot to do after school rather than watching TV and playing on smartphones!

I love my childhood probably because I was able to enjoy my innocence and curiosity to an optimum extend. We used to play, talk, and think strangely amazing thing. And the best part has to be that innocence that made us believe lots of unbelievable things. I suppose we all have been there, where we came to believe things today’s kids aren’t gonna do. We 90s kids………what were we!

Here I am compiling a list of 10 myths we believed as a 90s kids!

1. We used to think that eating fruit’s seed will result in a growing plant in our belly.

2. We used to think that ‘Chutki’ was made of lizard’s powder.

3. Talking about snakes in night may invite snakes near our beds.

4. When I used to believe that God put me in my mother’s lap, and that’s how I was born.

5. “Jhooth bolna paap hai nadi kinare saanp hai” used to be our ultimate confession weapon.

6. When we used to think that ‘Kanta Laga Wali’ girl has died because of tattoos.

7. We also used to think that chewing gum sticks in our stomach to kill us eventually.

8. Putting knife below our pillow keeps bad dreams away.

9. We also believed that flipping slippers can cause fights.

10. Ghost can’t enter a room where a picture of God is kept.

We all believed these things and also for a long time. If you were also there then raise your hands and say 90s kids rocks!


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