About Us

NNSFEED is a small initiative to offer lots of amazing and intriguing stories at one stop. NNSFEED is a Delhi based entertainment and news website started by three enthusiastic youngsters in a bid to introduce Indians with eye opening and out of the box stories.

NNSFEED stands for Now Or Never Stories which exactly defines motto of this portal. It will introduce you with various unique stories from all over the world to establish a strong relationship with people living far away. NNSFEED will make you laugh, emotional, thoughtful, concerned, and enlightened with strong and touching stories.

This portal will serve your thirst for diversity, from entertainment to sports, from news to fashion & lifestyle, healthy, etc. With NNSFEED ’s diversity of storytelling you will never feel a need of moving to another website. It will keep you updated with latest and necessary news & stories. From east to west and from north to south, no story will left unheard. If you too have a story to tell then connect with us and let the world know your tale. You can simply send your story/article at nnsfeed@gmail.com or info@nnsfeed.com

So tune in with NNSFEED to get fresh, unique, inspiring, gossip, and trending stories in your feed directly.