7 Scientifically Proven Signs That You Are In Love………………


It is very common to be in love and not being sure. Knowing you are in love feels special for everyone. Some have been in love earlier, so they know the feeling better than novices. Little signs such as missing them, dreaming about that person, and getting butterflies in the stomach while having a chat make some sense, but can’t guarantee that you are in love. These signs are not sufficient to ensure if this is love or a deep infatuation.

But there are few signs that prove you are in love if you feel one or more than one of these-

1. You are a total mess

When we fall in love, we feel lots of emotions at once. Mood swings, insecurity, constant dreaming makes us a total wreck; it’s almost like a hormonal imbalance. At one time we are euphoric with happiness, and the next time we feel anxious.


2. You want to be emotionally connected

When you are in love, you want to feel the soul of the person you are in love with. You crave to share more and more time with them, want to have long conversations all about you two. You try to be part of their world and create an unbreakable emotional bond that lasts forever.

3. You are ready to change for that person

This one is a clear sign that you are in love. When you are ready to change yourself for someone else…… then give up everything, because you are madly in love. Quitting smoking or wanting to adopt all the habits your special one likes, is like an ultimatum that you are already in deep love.

4. You cannot see their negative traits

This is the most dangerous sign because you are ready to compromise. You don’t find anything wrong in that person even if everyone else finds so, either you think it’s totally normal or thinks there is no harm in that different trait because when you love them you embrace them with all of their flaws.

5. You smile without reason

Smiling is another one of clear signs that you are falling in love, and probably cutest sign. Being in love can make you smile without any proper reason. Many times it happens you’re walking around and all of a sudden, you feel something good and feel smile effortlessly.

6. You cannot think of someone else

When you are really in love, you can’t think of someone else. You don’t find anyone that special, not even the hottest guy from the block. You feel those special emotions only for that single person.

7. You’re Obsessed

It becomes almost impossible to not think about that person all the time. As per researches when you are in love you spend around 80-85% you are your waking time thinking about the person. So, baby, it’s alarming time because you are in love!


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