7 Interview Blunders You Need To Stop Making Right Now!


If you put everything in the interview and even then you don’t get a return call, there must be some mistake you are making unintentionally that you don’t know. Not only fresher but experienced people also need job interview preparations to win the heart of interviewers. So, here we are compiling seven job interview mistakes job seekers make that turn interviewers off. This article will give you smart tips for how to prepare for a job interview.

1. May be you are dressing inappropriately


First impression lasts longer than we expect, so dress to impress. When you go in an interview for a job, it’s essential to look professional and elegant. Your attire must be based on the position you are applying for.

2. Reporting late

Arriving late at the interview gives an impression of poor discipline and time management, which is totally unacceptable. While going for an interview do everything possible to make sure that you reach on time, or even early.

3. Using cell-phone during the interview

Using cell-phone while a job interview is a blunder, if you pick a call or do texting, it’s a clear indication that this job interview is not your first priority. Before sitting in front of your interviewer turn you phone switch off and put that in your bag.

4. Having no information about company

Information like company history, locations, branches, divisions, and motto are must to know before you leave for the interview. Go to company’s website and read “About Us” section. Also read company’s LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, if available.

5. Blurry resume data

Write information clearly and simply, don’t try to confuse people with skills, experiences, or previous job’s role and responsibility. Never fudge any certitude on your resume.

6. Talking too much

No one likes a person that goes on and on in any conservation, leave only interviewers. Listening is a skill every employer appreciates, so speak only as required. Try to put your point precisely and accurately. Don’t beat around the bushes, talk politely and precisely.

7. Talking bad about past employers

We all live in a small world in terms of connectivity; you never know who knows whom. So, never make a mistake of talking ill about your previous boss or coworkers, because it’s also possible that your interviewer might know your previous boss. Secondly, interviewer can think you will also talk bad about your new employer in future.



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