7 Baahubali’s Role That Were Rejected By These Famous Actors


SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ has become a saga of perfection in Indian movie industry now. But you wouldn’t believe that seven actors had rejected lead characters in this epic movie, yes seven, not one or two. I am sure they must be regretting their decision now. Let’s take a look at those actors who made a mistake of rejecting ‘Baahubali’.

1. Sridevi for Shivgami

Sridevi rejecting the role of Shivgami had created quite a buzz back then and became a hot topic. It is being reported that the actress turned down the offer as she demanded a huge amount

2. Hrithik Roshan for Bahubali

Hrithik was the first actor who was offered the film and that too, lead role of Baahubali. But he turned it down as he chose Mohenjo Daro over Baahubali, as he couldn’t understand Rajamouli’s vision and scale. A really regretting choice!

3. John Abraham for Bhallaladeva

John was supposedly the first choice of  Rajamouli for the role of Bhallaladeva, he sent him the script too, but got a no in response from him. After which he decided to make it with Rana instead, and rest is history.

4. Vivek Oberoi for Bhallaladeva

Vivek was offered the role of Bhallaladeva after John Abraham rejected it. Baahubali fans will surely thank the God for making him reject the role. His screen presence wouldn’t have been as threatening as Rana Daggubati’s.

5. Mohanlal for katappa

South Indian superstar Mohanlal had been offered the role of Katappa. Although it’s difficult to imagine anyone but Sathyaraj in that character, Mohanlal would also have done justice to it.

6. Sonam Kapoor for Avantika

Sonam was supposed to play the role of Avantika in this film, but she denied it as the creators wanted her to devote all her time to the film for a lock-in period of two years.

7. Nayanthara for Devsena

South Indian beauty Nayanthara was approached first for the role of Devasena. While she would have looked amazing in the role, Anushka Shetty did full justice to it, and we can’t thank her more.


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