5 Worst Father Of Animal Kingdom Who Eat Their Babies!


This earth is a strange place, so mysterious and so complex that sometimes some things go beyond our imagination. In living system mother and father are considered epitome of sacrifice and kindness, but I couldn’t believe my senses when I came to know exception of this notion. Yes, in our system there are parents, and specifically fathers, that are not kind enough toward their own children. There are fathers in the animal kingdom that eat their own babies, yes you are reading right, this is true.

So, here is a list of 5 animal who eat their own babies-

  1. Grizzly Bears


In the world of protective fathers there are Grizzly Bears who are more protective for their territories, so much that they hunt down their own babies for the honor of territory. When times are tough and food is insufficient, male grizzly bears go outside for hunting and kill any cub in his range, even their own.

Many researchers have indicated that bears are opportunistic hunters; they take advantage of any food source for their survival, whether be it fruits, fish or even their own young ones.


  1. Lions

Lions are considered epitome of honor. But you would be baffled to know that in their pride male lion hunt down their cubs. When a male lion engages in a battle with another male lion, first thing he does is kill all the cubs that were reared by that other male. They do this horrible act because female lions don’t become sexually receptive again until their cubs mature or die. This act becomes extremely necessary for the usurper male because they too have to create offspring for the survival.


  1. Sand Goby

This creature might look cute and kind, but they aren’t actually. Although male goby is quite protective for his babies but when time comes for survival he eats around one third of his offspring. Male goby eats largest of the egg since they take longest time to hatch so that they can come back to mating as soon as possible.

  1. Bass


There are many bad dads, but this dad is just worst. When few babies of Bass couple swum away from them, male Bass swallow up their newborns as a reward of helping the stronger ones stay alive.

  1. Assassin Bug

Papa assassin bug plays the role of protecting eggs until they hatch. In this process they eat eggs from outside edge of the brood to protect them from parasitic wasps. Eating eggs doesn’t only protect eggs from wasps but also provides sufficient amount of nutrients to papa Assassin Bug. So, we can simply say that Assassin Bugs are not assassins exactly.


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