10 Super Smart Life Hacks That Can Save You In The Difficult Time


It’s everyday thing that we are in hurry, and something goes wrong at the wrong moment that sucks on daily basis. Strap of your handbag has only to break when you are getting late, you can’t find your pen when your boss shouts over your head. And your mascara only has to spread when cab is on your door. So basically it happens, and you have to handle it, but handling doesn’t mean suffering. If you want to control the odd situations you need to act smart, and to be smart you need to know super smart life hacks. So, I am bringing here 10 super smart and quick life hacks that are gonna be your savior.

1. If you don’t want to mess up your dress with your makeup or vice-versa, then put a paper bag before wearing the dress.

2. Use a hairpin to draw wings quickly and evenly. Rub some eyeliner on a hairpin and touch the corner of your eyes to draw perfect wings in least time.

3. No more broken zipper. To fix a spilt zipper cut a little piece above bottom, put the slider on, and zam the area with thread or pin so that slider cannot fall down.

4. You can use eye shadows to dye your hair lock in different colors temporarily.

5. Use bread instead of a sponge to remove dust from a painting. Bread is a better option because it would keep the canvas unharmed.

6. If you don’t have time to try jeans before purchasing then use your forearm to measure your regular jeans, and then use that measurement to find new one in your size.

7. If something goes wrong with your iron, then use water and hair dryer to press some clothes.

8. Wrap some duct tape at the end of shoelace to insert that into the hole easily.

9. Don’t get frustrated if your kid has messed the wall of your room with wax crayons, just use a hair dryer and wipe out molten color from the wall in minutes.

10. Don’t rip off Band-Aid from skin directly, use a hair dryer first to remove it without leaving any mark on skin.


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