10 Photos Where Adorable Animals Act Like A Total Jerk!


Animals are adorable; everyone loves a cute animal whether it’s dog or a cat. Their innocent eyes can melt even a stone-heart person, just one look and you are like awwwww!

But you know what, sometimes animals are not all that cute and lovely, they are actually a jerk and sometimes stupid too. If you can’t believe, then look at these pictures and second my words.

1. When a dog is jealous of a swimmer!

2. When monkeys don’t like someone entering in their area!

3. When you planned to have a nice coffee!

4. ‘You can’t hide anything from me’……… Kanoon se bhi lambe hath!

5. When your dog likes a comfortable seat……. Ye aaram ka mamla hai!

6. You and your sibling are not only one the house who can have a catfight!

7. Never piss off your kitty………. she knows where you keep your laptop!

8. Don’t challenge your goose, ever…….. because angry goose is dangerous than a fierce woman!

9. And you thought you are not hearting a calf…………..Chhuoo magar dhyan se!

10. When you try to divide your love with someone new………..love your pets only!


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